Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Parking Lot

We received a gift card to an Italian restaurant for Christmas. We decided to use it for dinner last night. We do not normally eat a large dinner. We are more the fruit and toast kind of dinner people, or for me I am frosted mini wheats.  My husband has a protein shake. My kids eat lots of oranges, bananas, apples, toast, and raw veggies. The kind of foods I don't have to cook. It works out pretty well for our busy schedules.
Anyway, last night was different, we sat down at the restaurant and my family ordered pasta. I ordered soup. We had a very nice time eating and enjoyed just being with each other and away from some of the stresses of the week. I enjoyed it a lot. My kids ate everything on their plates.
As soon as their plates were cleared away, my son started to complain that his stomach hurt. He wanted to leave right away and go home. His patience was wearing thin, and he couldn't wait to get out to the car. As he pulled himself into his seat, he grumbled more and more about his aching belly. Our daughter was chatting the entire time as well about her candy and as we turned the corner to pull out onto the street her candy flew out of her hand and disappeared somewhere into the back of the car. She began to wail. Just at that moment our son announced that he thought we should pull over because he was pretty sure he was going to throw up.  My husband took a quick turn into a parking lot and stopped the car.  Our daughter was still moaning loudly about her candy, our son was desperately trying to get his seat belt off, as I was turning to help him. My husband quickly making his way out of the car to also assist. Soon, our son was standing on a patch of grass bending over, burping dramatically, my husbands hand on his back. Our daughter, still hunting, with my help, for her candy, her tears streaming down her face as our efforts seemed futile.
Finally, our son felt better, having decided that he just needed to burp loudly. My husband lifted the seat and found the long lost candy, relieving my daughters anxiety. And, we were back on the road to home, laughing over our side trip in the parking lot.  Who would've ever guessed while sitting in the restaurant that we would've gone to the parking lot so quickly? We were delighting in such good food, and company, and then suddenly calamity seemed to hit. Both kids were in their own trauma's and needed emotional support, healthy back up. Someone to walk them through, and be with them. Someone to get them back on the road again. Someone to talk them through the crisis.
This is what God does. He sends support, wise people to talk and walk me through when I'm in the parking lot. He Himself is there to put His hand on my back, to hold me up when calamity strikes.  He never leaves my side, and when I get back on the road, He is the One driving. It's a good thing.
Jesus, Say That Again, I know You are always with me, I know you will never leave me or forsake me! Thank you for being in the parking lot.

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