Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Pursuit

There's a verse in Romans that caught my attention this morning and I camped there for a long time. It is packed with many treasures that I have found helpful today. Romans 14:19 " So then we pursue the things which make for peace and building up of one another." I wrote the definition of pursue in my bible. It means to passionately  focus ones's undistracted effort toward a goal. So, if I am passionately pursuing the things of peace and the building up of The Body of Christ, my family, my friends, my community, what does that look like for me? What does that look like for the ministry I'm involved in?
I think it includes using all the resources God has given me to support growth, peace, and strength in the Body of Christ.
This is what Jesus did, right? He pursued with a passion. He laid down His life, for me. I don't think it can get more passionate than that. He has actually asked me to do the very same thing for those in my life! Am I willing to love someone so much that I relentlessly pursue their goal with them, even if it means laying down my own life? Jesus did.
In my walk am I willing to step out in faith and grow in the ways that God is asking me to grow, so that I can pursue others in their walks and hold their hand as they grow? Is my focus daily undistracted on the goal of peace, love, and hope? My eyes ever set on Jesus? I think it can be challenging to build up the Body, when some of the Body has tore me down, so today I am praying that God will keep my focus passionately set on Him and my love for others will continue to pursue because I have a love for HIM.
Jesus, today I am thanking You because You pursue me. I am praising You because You are peace and You build me up. I am praising You because You are passion! Say That Again, Jesus, "pursue things which make for peace and building up of one another."

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