Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Spring Snow

I woke this morning to lots of snow, too much snow for Spring. The calendar tells me that it's Spring, but the weather is insisting that it is still Winter. As I drove down our hill for a 7:00 group, I found it challenging to thank God for the snow. I wanted to remind Him that He SHOULD be sending us sun and warmth, because the calendar is telling me that it is Spring time now. He reminded me that HIS timing is perfect and that I will feel better as soon as I adjust my heart to HIS calendar and not the one on my phone! Ouch! Okay, so God does not consult the calendar on my phone to see if He should let it snow. As much as I love summer and sun, I am finding that God is speaking to my heart today and asking that I see Him in the Spring snow. He Has kept me through the cold days, when I've been triggered by snowflakes floating down to meet my lashes. His Robe continues to be wrapped around me to warm me and clothe me and remind me that He is a continual flood of Renewal, Restoration, and Revival. My job is to step out in the Spring snow and walk in faith.
I watched my kids play in the snow a lot this winter. They went sledding, made snowmen, and snow angels.  Yesterday, I mentioned that someday, I too would make a snow angel, someday. It is a goal of mine, a sign of snow restoration!
God is in constant motion, always restoring, renewing, reviving. I am in constant need of His gifts. My heart is open to Him, receiving what He has for me, healing, loving, hoping, giving, being filled with His Spirit! Say That Again, Father God, it's all about You ,Your timing, Your Way, and Love.

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