Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Spicy Chocolate

I received a lovely piece of chocolate in the mail. Spicey chocolate. It's been sitting on my dresser for the right time, today was that time. I could feel the moment coming on, and I knew I was going to need to eat it, probably all of it. It was wrapped in red cellophane, and even the smell of it made my mouth water. I sat on the floor to eat it, in our bedroom. And, it was spicy. Dark chocolate with a bit of pepper, melt in my mouth smoothness. Perfect.
The Spicy Chocolate was my small blessing today, another rainy day, so it was a blessing to have it. I needed it. Um, I'm up for more!! I didn't stop at one bite, I ate it all. And, just at this very second I realized what a big gift that actually is, I ate the entire thing and I didn't feel bad about it at all. I didn't even think about it. As my reader, you might be thinking "So?" For me, I just made a connection.
Back to being a kid, I was not ever allowed a lot of candy. I use to sneak candy, hide candy, even steal candy. And, then I would feel guilty. There have been times as an adult that I would think about all of that while eating candy. Today, I had some time to think about forgiveness. And, some time to think about accusations and repentance. As I thought about the root of accusations and where they come from, it brought me back to the enemy and his constant lies. The enemy is the accuser, the father of lies. But, God, He is light and He calls me into a life of confession and repentance and light. When I start to hear the accuser, God calls me into the light and asks me to confess what I hear and give it over to Him, and speak truth. Even something like eating a piece of candy! God brings healing to all things, in every area of my life. He restores and renews ALL things. He wants me to enjoy my spicy chocolate!
I have listened to the accuser in many areas, and I want to bring all of those areas before Him and repent of that. I think there are sometimes areas I am not aware of, those are the blind spots behind the wall. God is showing me.
Say That Again, Jesus, I am listening to Your truth today and walking Your path. You are the Way!

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