Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Old Yellow Couch

I went shopping with a friend to the thrift store. My office needed a couch, because my daughter in-law is about to start a group in there and she needs places for the ladies to sit. So, my friend and I headed out today on an adventure. It really didn't take long, mostly because I like to be quick when it comes to thrift stores. The first one had nothing, so we sprinted over to another one where we found a great little couch that fondly reminded me of an old lady. It sat low to the floor and was decorated with bright yellow and green flowers. When we sat down in it it was like visiting an old friend. And, to help make the choice even easier for me, it was only 30 bucks!
I promptly grabbed the tag, went to the register and paid for the old yellow couch. It then occurred to both my friend and I that the old yellow couch would have to fit in my truck! We drove around to the side of the store, and out the door came a man with the old yellow couch. I asked him if he thought the couch would fit in my  truck and he said "no". I did not find that answer to be an impressive answer, so asked again. "Will that couch fit in my truck if I put the seat down?" This time he said, "maybe".
He and I picked up the couch and proceeded to shove it in the back of my truck. We got it in and he commented that he did not think the back of my truck would shut. But, it did.
So, off my friend and I drove on our next adventure: getting the old yellow couch out of the truck and up the stairs into my office!
It all happened, as it always does, as I'm learning, because God has said it will happen! God said "I will expand your territory." and that is what He is doing. God said, "I will never leave you or forsake you" and He hasn't. God said, "I am here to keep you." and He has done just that for me always. God is my adventure, when I am with Him it's just like I'm visiting an old friend. There's a fondness, and safety, I'm drawn to Him with a familiar love. Sometimes it's not  comfortable, it feels like I'm being shoved into a small space, like the old yellow couch, but always He is with me.
Jesus, continue to Say That Again. I know that You will, because everyday You do, and every day I ask You to. Say That AGAIN!

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