Monday, March 12, 2012

The Tree House

As a child I use to love to go to my grandmothers house. She lived in a pink house on a hill. She had a huge back yard with a giant garden and I would love to pick her tomatoes right out of the garden. She also had a very large lilac bush in her back yard, and I remember the smell of the lilacs being so sweet and fragrant. Behind the lilac bush, along the fence was a massive maple tree and in this tree was the tree house. I loved being in the tree house. I could see over the fence into two of the neighbors yards, and I could see all of my grandmothers yard. I could be alone and I could be safe. Nobody came into the tree house; it seemed as if nobody really knew about it, and I liked it that way. It was my tree house. I use to take my books into my tree house and read. I spent a lot of time at my grandmothers house in the summer, so summer days in the tree house, in the sun are a fun and pleasant memory for me. I even remember having my dog with me, high in the tree.
I have often thought ,as an adult that I would like a tree house. We have a lot of trees in our back yard, and if we had a tree house, I think I would spend a lot of time reading and playing in the trees. I would eat fudge bars there, and banana splits. I would have slumber parties.
So, today, I am thinking a lot about tree houses. Childhood tree houses, and a  possible future tree house. I'm thinking about my own children and how much they love tree houses. I'm thinking that even though I am 49, I still am not too old to have a tree house, with a refrigerator, a heater, and a bed. I know, it sounds elaborate, but it has to be for someone so old!
Jesus, You know the plans You have for me, and I'm thanking You today for Your plans so far. I'm thanking You for the Tree House of my childhood. I'm thanking You for ideas, because I know I am full of those. I'm praising you and asking You to Say That Again: "I know the plans I have for You!" (maybe they involve a tree house)

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