Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Present

I was given a little devotional book that I've been reading. This morning, I read this "Instead of imagining how you might respond to terrible things that could happen, draw your mind back to the present and take refuge in My presence, I am much like a mother hen, eager to cover you with My protective pinions."
For me, it can be easy to sometimes wander off to the future  and "wonder" what I would do in a disaster. So, I found this statement to be helpful for me, and His words are a good reminder to me to Keep Him as my Rock and steadfast Redeemer today, right now. I don't have to worry about tomorrow, and yesterday is gone.... So, it is my prayer and my confession today that I need Him to keep me present. He has always kept me in many ways, He has kept me safe and secure, He has kept my soul. Now, I am looking at Him and hearing His word and wanting Him to keep me in today.
There are times that He will ask me to look back and maybe even look ahead to plan. But, right now, today I am here asking Him to keep me in today. Jesus Say That Again today, draw me into You today and keep me with You today. Remind me of Your presence on this day and cover me.

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