Sunday, April 22, 2012

The House Auction

We had a silent auction at our ministry house, Agape Celebration. We also had a raffle, and played games, it was fun. God was good to us again and brought us sun. My team members did a great job of planning this event, and money was raised for an upcoming banquet for the community. I learned a lot during the planning of this event, there's always something to learn, and more ways to trust. God is determined to teach me to trust, and I will press on.
His ways stretch me, amaze me, boggle my mind. His ways are beyond my ways, and yet He speaks to me everyday. His ways have such magnitude, yet they can be so very simple. I just need to knock and His door is open to me. I just need to rest and His arms are there for me. I just need to call and He answers, always assuring me that He will never leave. Yes, I have learned so very much and will continue to learn.
I am thanking Him for the friends that planned the day yesterday. I am thanking Him for the weather, and for the money He brought our way. I am thanking Him for the support He continues to show to me and to Agape Celebration. I am thanking Him for growing me. Say That Again, dear, dear Jesus, and keep Your Hand on me!

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