Monday, April 16, 2012

The Crowned Flip Flop

Cute, huh? I'm praying for HOT weather, cuz my feet are usually cold and I really want to wear these crowned flip flops. They were in the back of my closet next to the yellow flower flip flops that I wore all of last summer. This summer, it's all about crowns!
I painted my toe nails thinking that maybe I could encourage the weather along, but then I heard the forecast for the week and it's suppose to rain. At least I have rain boots. Initially, when my husband read the forecast he said that it was going to be warm and sunny all week, then he realized he was reading the weather for a different state--bummer.
Clearly, we have no control. flip flops, painting nails, reading the forecast, and wishing, if the rain is going to come; it's going to come. It is what it is, right? It's okay, God keeps telling me that He is in control, He has the day, He has me, and He knows the plan. I just need to listen and obey. I've been blessed with intimate conversation with God because I'm His child. And, because I'm His child, I'm an heir with complete access to the inheritance and to a very lovely crown!
Say That Again, Holy Jesus, I am an heir to the inheritance and there's a crown waiting for me!

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