Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Burning Bush

I listen to a lot of music, and right now the song that's playing reminds me a little of some of my days: "Rain, rain, on my face hasn't stopped raining for days my world is a flood.  Lift me up, lift me up when I'm falling, I need you to hold me, keep me from drowning....down pour on my soul, I'm loosing control, dark sky all around, I can't feel the ground, lift me up, lift me up, when I'm falling. I need you to hold me and keep me from drowning again.  Come storms that drench my eyes....if I can't swim lift me up, lift me up, lift up when I'm falling. I need you to hold me and keep me from drowning."
I'm still thinking about the Firewall that God led me to yesterday and I prayed about that this morning. Having His Firewall around my soul is the exact thing I need on days like this song. As I continued my discussion with Him this morning about the Firewall He sent me to Exodus 3, and there I read about God in the Burning bush, more Fire! And, God speaking to Moses through the bush and saying to Moses "I AM WHO I AM!"
He wants me to see that He is fire, that He is passion inside of me, consuming all of me, lifting me, holding me, taking me to His places and His truths. I know this, yet the journey, on some days I find treacherous.
I was with a friend last night and she said that I prayed dangerous prayers. The kinds of prayers that are soul-wrenching, deep, and full of fire. The kind that require Firewalls and burning bushes. The kind that bring glory into my midst, and the Great I AM into my heart. I will admit, that sometimes it feels like I am drowning from the down pour on my soul, yet He lifts me up.
Say That Again, lift me up when I am falling and hold me!

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