Friday, April 27, 2012

The Dog and I

The Dog and I have spent the morning together. She is sleeping right now, because it has been a big day for her. I lifted her into my Land Rover and took her for a ride to McDonalds. We went to get a bacon egg and cheese biscuit. She thought it was very good. Then, we came home and I took her up the hill. She use to run up the hill at full speed, then back down the hill, then up the hill again. But, today, she walked up the hill with me and when we got to the top she just stayed with me as I stood there and looked over the valley. She didn't  run about to explore. I sat for awhile on a bench and then I took pictures of the two of us. She is a good dog. I have many fond thoughts of her and I know I will keep them close to my heart.
Our walk back down the hill was not hurried, it was nice and I'm pleased that she has had today to enjoy.
This morning, my children gave her a couple little stuffed animals to treasure and they told her goodbye. I know they too will miss her. We all will miss her.
So, I am thanking Jesus today that He gave me the blessing of the years I had with the dog. She has been wonderful for me. She has been a traveling companion, someone to talk to during the day, to walk with, to love, a faithful loving friend. She has made me laugh, cry, and she has protected me. God blessed me with a gift, as He does everyday in so many ways. And, I know He will again. Say That Again, Jesus, You bless with beautiful gifts, because You love me and You keep me. Thank you.

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