Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Window

The window in my car has been out of order for several weeks now.  In the front, on the passengers side. It's stuck down, a little bit. Because this window has taken up it's old habits again, the habit of being broken, I cannot go through a car wash, because the window is down. So, consequently, I have a car that is somewhat dirty, more so than usual.
I get frustrated with this window on occasion. My Land Rover is quirky.  It has all these little habits, and I can't seem to make it change.  My husband fixes them, and it behaves well for awhile, and then, ta-da, the same old problems creep up again.
I bet you've guess by now where I'm going with this thought! Yup, old habits that creep back up after trying so hard to change.  Just like Paul talks about in Romans 7, why do I do the stuff I don't want to do?  Why can't I just make myself be well behaved all the time?  What is the problem, anyway?
I can be moving along in life at a happy pace, and then right out of the blue, an old habit creeps up on me, and before I even see it, I'm doing it again! Oh, I don't like it when that happens!
Then, I run to God and surrender it all over again.  I ask Him to just take it and forgive me for trying to do life all on my own, again. I look at the habit in a different way, and realize that I am human, I will fail.
Today, I am keeping my focus right where God told me to, on Him.  I am giving my all to Him, today and trusting He will keep me on the path that He has laid out before me.  He is good, He is grace. I love Him.
Say That Again, Jesus, you  are so good, so full of grace, you are worthy in every way!

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