Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Faith

Next week I am giving two speeches. One will be my testimony, the other will be a study on a bible verse. I am not prepared, yet. In fact, this is the first time I have approached the subject, except for a quick conversation with my husband. Why, I'm not sure. I just haven't known, yet, where to go with it all. I'm thinking that the Holy Spirit will give me what I need to have to get me through.
This morning as I was praying about some unnerving events in my life, and I see that these two speeches could certainly prove to be just that, God led me to Hebrews 11.  The Faith chapter. I love this chapter where I am reminded about all the Saints that lived by faith, and as I read it, God gently reminded me that I too can live by faith. Can I? Can I live as these Saints lived? Can I step out in faith and give my speech? Can I let the Spirit speak through me in such a way that others will see Him and not me? Can I walk in such a way that others will want to follow Him? Can I love others in such a way that they will know Him deeply and fully? Oh, I hope so!
As I visited with a friend today and saw some of the hurt she has experienced in her life because of rejection and pain, I prayed that I would learn to be more like Jesus. I prayed that I would learn to be kind, tender, and to have a heart like His. I want Him to use me to further His Kingdom. I want Him to fine tune me in such a way that I am willing to be His instrument and to be sensitive to His will. Give me the faith, Jesus, for all of this! Enable me to be the Saint, You desire me to be!
Jesus, Say that all again, I am Your Saint, and I can rely on Your faith, when mine is weak. You are there for me, and You will speak through me and live through me. Thank you Jesus!

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