Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Wet Carpet and The Bumpy Sheets

We stayed in a hotel room in Seattle that I did not like. As soon as I walked in the door, my feet hit wet carpet. "Ick the carpet is wet" I grumbled! My husband was already aware of the issue, but totally unconcerned. I couldn't understand how he could be okay with paying for a room with wet carpet. It got worse.
We went to bed. He pulled back the sheets and got in bed, no problems. But, when I got in bed,there were many problems. The sheets were covered in those tiny, annoying bumps. I tossed this way and that way. With each toss, the bumps bothered me more, and my attitude declined.
I was tired. I was hungry. I had just traveled several hours. I, I, I !!
Life does have a way of throwing me wet carpet and bumpy sheets. And God asks "Bethany, are you going to look up here at me or step on the carpet and roll in the sheets?" if I continue to step and roll I'm going to get wet and my body will be bruised, and I will be unpleasant. I know this is why my focus must stay on Him.
Say That Again Dear Jesus. Focus on You, stay off the wet carpet and out of the bumpy sheets!

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