Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Coffee Snob

I had a cup of instant coffee for the first time in years yesterday. It will be the last time I have it again, unless I become very desperate. After my cup of instant coffee, we went in search of a coffee shop, and found the Canadian favorite Tim Horton's. I ordered a medium drip.  It was good, but not Starbucks! Working through my coffee process, God boldly pointed out to me that I am a coffee snob! "What? I just like good strong coffee!"
I was given the gift of instant coffee, and that wasn't good enough. So, I had to go look for something better, and that was okay. but I really wanted what  I considered the 'best' gift of all, and was a little bummed that it wasn't available to me. Yeah, God's right, that's a snob!
It reminded me of a skit I saw where God gave the women a 6 oz can of coke as a gift and she loved it. But, when she saw that He gave her friend a 12 oz can of coke, she wanted her friends gift instead. The skit went on with this lady continually wanting her friend's gifts rather than her own!
I'm pretty happy with my gifts, just not my coffee! But,  there is that mentality of wanting something other than what I don't currently have. Yesterday,God gave me instant coffee so I will praise His Holy name. Today, on this morning, my husband drove to Tim Horton's and came back with a large coffee for me, and I was not a snob about it at all! I was thrilled! In fact, I didn't think about Starbucks even once!
Say That Again, Jesus, your gifts are for today, and they are good. You are good, and You touch our lives in glorious ways. I love YOU!

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