Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Battle

My two little ones are at battle, sometimes.  They have those days when they just can't seem to get along. They are engaged in The Battle of self. Each of them wants his or her own way, and that is all that matters. Sometimes they believe lies about each other or themselves and, The Battle begins.
The Enemy will do whatever it takes to keep The Battle going. I know this, it happens to me. It's The Battle in my mind, the false beliefs that drift in and out and the work of captivating them and giving them over to God. The lies that speak defeat, depression, sadness,and insecurity. They project fear and rejection, pain, and loss. It's a battle to move beyond it all and engage in the Power of His Spirit.
One of my best coping skills is flight. If I feel threatened, I want to run. The enemy throws all kinds of trials my way in an effort to see me run. I'm sad to say, sometimes it works.  Sometimes, I run. Sometimes, I spend time thinking about running, battling over the right thing to do. Questioning, doubting, debating...
Today, I need Jesus. I am in The Battle. Jesus, Say That Again to me. You are ALL that matters. As I strive to focus only on You, I will surrender only to You. You will win The Battle, You have already won the war!

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