Friday, July 29, 2011

The Assumptions

Sometimes I can make assumptions about others that are not true.  I can see the way my friend is sitting and assume she is uncomfortable. I can see the way someone is walking off by themselves and assume they want to be alone. I can hear a tone in someones voice and assume they mean a particular thing. Assumptions can be dangerous and hurtful. I know this, because many assumptions have been made about me. People have observed me in various situations and made assumptions like, distant, depressed, outgoing, happy, must be in control, etc. When in reality, I'm not even in relationship with the people making assumptions.  I have caught myself doing the same thing, and I ask myself why I do it? What's the purpose behind assumptions? If I have a need to figure out someone that I barely know anyway, why don't I just go up and ask them how they are doing? And, it that's too bold of an approach, then I could slowly start a relationship with them, friendship. I could learn about them, so I don't have to make assumptions.
I didn't like the assumptions made about me today, but I learned from them. And, it brought me to a new resolve. It brought me to a place before God, a place of confession about my own assumptions. It brought me to a place of asking Him to remind me of the times I have done the exact same thing and to show me when I do it now. It brought me here today before Him,  to ask Him to remove assumption from all areas of my life!
Jesus, You take me at face value. I like that. I want to do the same for others. Just because someone is being quiet doesn't mean they are distant, maybe they have a headache, right God? Help me remember that! Say That Again, God, You are a God of face value. You are real, alive, and You do not make assumptions about anything!

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