Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Lie

It's really been bothering me lately that I grew up believing The Lie. I was immersed in many lies, and it has taken many years to get out of them. The lies of the enemy, the lies of legalism, the lies of his bondage, the lies of death. I didn't know anything about grace, mercy, joy, His Spirit, identity IN Him, or freedom. I didn't understand what the New Covenant was, or what it meant to walk IN His Spirit and live  in His grace. Freedom. Wow, I missed out on so much!
Jesus brought me through a childhood of darkness so I could appreciate an adulthood of light! He has showed me what it is like to be on both sides, and believe me, bondage is not fun! Bondage is dark, it is all about living in secrets, lies, depression, hopelessness, despair, and pain. When I live in His light, He is able to take all of those things and give me hope. He is able to give me joy. He is able to lift me up out of my despair and give me relief! It is good. I am able to see that life is not all about me, there is a bigger picture. It is about God, and about reaching others for Him. It is about His Kingdom.
I believed that I had to work for my salvation.  I believed that I was bad, evil, constantly on the brink of loosing my salvation. I believed that my Heavenly Father was angry with me all the time and was just waiting for the opportunity to punish me. I believed that grace was non-existent. I believed that I was worthless in His sight. It was all a lie!
Now, I know, that I am complete IN Him. Now, I know that I am His Friend and that He loves me oh so much. Now I know that I am His beloved daughter and that I have all authority under heaven. Now, I know that I sit at His right hand in the heavenlies. Now, I know exactly who I am!
Say that Again, Jesus, my Lord and Savoir. You are God the great I Am, and I know who You are!

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