Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Decision

I've made a decision. It's a big one, and I know it's going to change things for me, and for my family. It's been in the making for awhile, God has been telling me that I would walk a road I haven't walked before. Once this decision was made, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace, this is the right thing to do. My life doesn't have to always be a battle, I'm choosing to not engage. I know what God is asking me to do, I know what He is calling me to do, so I will choose to surround myself with people that support HIS choice. This does not make me unwilling to submit, it makes me wise, through Him. He continues to tell me to focus on Him, so I will focus on Him. He is my Provider. He is my Rock. He is my safety. He is my Refuge. He is my Path. He is my way. He is my Door. He is my Light. He is my strength. He is the one that sustains me. It is He, not me. It is because of HIM that I exist. It is because of Him, my little life is free.
So, I've made a decision. I'm stepping forward in faith. I'm believing that He will do as He says He will do. My life is His life, my heart is His. We are in this together.
Jesus, I need You to Say That Again because sometimes I am weary and my faith is weak and I need constant reminders of who you are!


  1. Have you ever heard the song, "my life is in your hands" by Kathy Trocolli?
    Sending love and support your way!

  2. Thank you for taking the risk. :) You choosing to share with me was an honor I will treasure.

    Moved by your visit to think about my relation, albeit strained, to the SDA church despite my disbelief in EGW. In the past 6 hours of research I feel I've learned more than a lifetime in the church system. I am convicted that God is love, not law.

    Drove past a little evangelical missionary church in the country on the way home and the other half actually sounded excited when I said I'd like to go there and see what it was like.

    God does good things.

  3. I was thrilled to visit with you! And, you are right God is love, not law. You are covered in His grace and mercy. You are under the New Covenant. He has your name engraved in the palm of His hand!
    It is good!


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