Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Shoes

We went to the store today to buy shoes for our son and daughter. Our son picked out some cool red high tops, our daughter picked out silver and pink runners. They put them on right away, and much to their amazement they could run faster and jump higher. All because of a new pair of shoes, they believed they could do everything better.
I spent a little time thinking about this and how true this is for me. If I believe I am who God says I am, everything is approached differently, than if I believe the Enemy. If I believe in my heart all that is true, my actions will reflect that truth.
I am alive In Him. I am His daughter. I am His Saint. I am cleansed by His blood. I am washed and white as snow. I am Free IN HIM. I am loved, His beloved. I am sitting at His right hand, transferred from the kingdom of darkness INTO the kingdom of light. I am daily throwing myself at His Feet, surrendering all that I am, for all that He is.
Jesus, Say That Again. You are IN my heart and I will believe. You are an everlasting God, My God! You have asked me to focus on You and believe IN You alone.

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