Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Uncaged

My weekend has been scattered with blessings. I've been at a conference for women in North Carolina. It is to help women improve their speaking, and writing skills, and to help them in their ministries. As soon as I stepped off the plane and onto the shuttle to be escorted to the hotel, God instantly blessed me with two friends. These two lady's striked up a conversation and I liked them right away. Their hearts were sweet and tender, eager to serve Jesus and love others into His Kingdom. They invited me to eat dinner with them, and through out the entire weekend, our paths crossed. I always looked for them, and was pleased to see that God put them next to me. We parted as soul-friends, knowing that we will continue this journey keeping in touch, and working to further God's Kingdom on each side of the country.
I heard a lot of stories this weekend of women who had lost their children, their husbands, and what felt like their dignity. But, every one of them persevered. Every one of them, got up and with each step they moved through, with Jesus.
I am moved by their stories, and encouraged. Women are hurting out there, they are bleeding. Lets get talking, Ladies, because there is someone that knows what you are going through! I've had so many hurts, so much pain. And, I kept it all locked up for so long. That is not the case anymore! This weekend I heard the word "uncaged" and I really liked it. I have allowed all that stuff inside of me to be uncaged, and I'm telling you, It is great! There may be the occasional person that does not appreciate such freedom; it's okay. It is because they are caged. Pray for them.
Fly my friends, open the door to the cage you may be in. I have, and if I discover any more cages that I am still trying to hover in, I'm going to be uncaged from those too. Be pleased to be free, run in a world that is uncaged, Be blessed.
Jesus, this is all about you, isn't it? This is what You do, how you function, and how You live. Say that to me again, Jesus. UNCAGED!

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