Monday, July 25, 2011

The Provider

All weekend I had a nagging feeling that I was going to run out. Not enough money, not enough clothes, I won't get to the airport on time, etc. each time I would pray and He would gently say " Bethany, I Am your Provider." Off, I would go, until the next lie would hit, and He would tell me again "i AM Your Provider!"
Today, at the airport, they started loading the plane, and halfway through they stopped. Everyone was just standing around, waiting to see what was going to happen. Then a gentleman announced that the plane was delayed due to weather, I figured at that point I may not make my connection. My lay over was less than an hour. I prayed, "what now, God?" He said "get up quick and get in line!"
I was the second person in line. Just as I was getting up, they let everybody else off the plane and announced that they weren't flying. God blessed me with a direct flight to Seattle that arrives two hours earlier than my original one. Say That Again, dear God You provide!

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