Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Shocker

As I slipped into bed last night my husband said he had a confession to make. I didn't feel too concerned, because we have always been very open with each other and I believe I know him well. It was a day of confessions, after all, I had just confessed to the world about my fudge bar obsession.
So, he said, "I've never eaten a fudge bar!"
"What?" First of all, how could I not know this? I live with this man? I'm eating them all the time? They taste great. He has never eaten one? My kids eat them! My friends eat them. What is going on here? I was truly shocked! He doesn't want one! Imagine that.
So, we discussed the fudge bar shocker for some time, my surprise, his unconcern. And, once again, it reminded me of the days when I had an unconcern or a lack of passion for Jesus. When I had a veil over my face and I could not see His glory or His truth.  And, frankly, I didn't even care.  My friends, my husband, people around me could be basking in His glory, tasting His beauty, but I didn't want it. I wanted to stay where I was. Other's would offer me Jesus, but no I didn't want to move toward Him.
I'm so pleased to say that is not the case now. I'm so pleased to say it is not the case with my husband either, even if he isn't eating the fudge bars! He is still basking in the glory!
Jesus, keep shining on me and my family. It feels so good. Say all of that again to me. You are good, you are full of glory and goodness and You are truth.

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