Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Mantle

We have a fireplace in our bedroom, and I like it.  It use to be just plain white, but last year, I painted it blue, light blue. And, on the mantle, I have some of my favorite keepsakes: two red tiles with the hand prints of our two youngest children. Three red candles given to me by a close friend. A red vase, given to me by another good friend, and a small black clock, also given to me by a dear friend. Also, a pair of red silk shoes we purchased in China for our youngest child. Above the mantle is an old mirror, framed in a wooden frame with dark green velvet along the edge.  It's a mirror that my husband and I purchased years ago at an auction, a day with fond and happy memories. It's a small collection of some of the things I like, the keepsakes that bring the people I love to mind, the memories that I cherish.
As I looked at my collection this morning, God gently spoke to my heart. I am cherished by Him, He is keeping me in the special places of His heart, and He loves me. He fondly looks upon me and knows where I've been, and knows where I am going. His hand covering me every step of the way. Just as I covered the mantle in paint, He has covered me in His light and love.
We have a fireplace in our family room too.  I think I'll paint it a deep red. On that mantle we have displayed pictures of our sons and our daughters. There's a red sign in the middle of it all that a precious friend gave to me, it says "JOY".  God has brought us joy, and for this I am thankful. In every corner of my house, I am reminded of the love from others.
Is this true for the temple of my body? Do my words, actions, and thoughts portray the love of Jesus to others? When they see me, do they see Jesus?
Jesus, make me your home! Display yourself in my life, my heart, in every part of me. Shine through me today and everyday. I want to hear You Say That Again, Jesus, my heart is YOUR Home!

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