Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Reconciliation

I spent the evening with a friend. We met at a restaurant for dinner, then went for a long walk along boardwalk and the lake. Then, we decided to stop for coffee and sat on a bench to drink our flavored delight. It was nice. It was nice, because it was comfortable. And, we've been working towards comfortable for so long, and praying to God to bring us to this place, and trusting in His Word that He would. We both knew that it would only be through His power that it would happen, and now here we are, enjoying each others company, even trusting each other.
I am amazed at the God I serve! I am amazed at what He can do if I step forward and obey Him. He tells me to reconcile. To me that means, be in a relationship and love. It doesn't mean just be civil. He tells me to forgive, so I have to allow Him to show me how to do that. The incredible thing is, He does it!
Jesus, thank you for the gift of reconciliation. Thank you for blessing me with the journey I have had with my friend. I have learned a lot. Thank you for walking with me and for loving me. Say That Again, Jesus, You will reconcile me to Yourself and to others and I will be blessed!

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