Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Dangerous Dog

Our Stinky Dog now has a new label, she is The Dangerous Dog. Because of her episode a couple weeks ago, her noble efforts to protect  me and the kids, she is now considered "dangerous." And, her actions were dangerous, what she did was completely wrong, although she didn't think so.
The last couple weeks since her heroic act, at least that's how she looked at it, she has not been doing well. She basically lays on her new doggie bed by the fire place all day. She has a very hard time walking, and it's very hard for her to get up and down the stairs. It's a challenge to get her to go outside, or to move around through out the day. She does like to wag her tail when I talk to her, and she knows that we are trying to help her be comfortable.
Sometimes I look at life and see that my view has been greatly altered my experiences.  I think danger, when in reality they are simply trying to help me. But, because of the experiences I have had in life, my brain says "dangerous" and I don't want to trust. I have found this to be a frustrating road to walk, because even though I may want to trust and  say "safe" it feels like I just can't! Wow, just like that verse in the bible. Why do I do the things I don't want to do? It's in Romans, anybody know what I'm talking about?
So, today as I think on these things my prayer is that God will continue to reveal truth to me and that He will continue to be my safety and I will know more each day Who He is. Say That Again Jesus!


  1. I understand what your talking about totally! It can be hard to trust, especially with life's experiences staring you in the face. I'm living a life with chronic pain and all the odds are against me, giving me every reason not to trust. However if I want to see this nightmare end I have to trust and have faith that Jesus will heal my body when every doctor says that isn't possible!

    1. That's a daily step for many in whatever we are challenged with. Faith and trust that Jesus will heal us! Thanks for sharing your heart.


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