Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Stunning Crown

This morning was one of those soul-launching mornings with God. I have imagined myself in my son's little sling shot and being launched over to the Throne of God, landing not so gracefully at His feet with all my stuff as I blubber to Him in a language that I think the Holy Spirit can only figure out. God, in all His wonder and extravagance kindly lifts me to my feet and holds me. He wraps me in His kindness, He hears me, and this morning as I gave Him all my stuff this is what He said back to me:
"Bethany, do not be afraid, I am here with you, you're solid Rock, steady and sure. I have captured you. I am leading you on a lighted path, and even though to you it seems to have many crooked corners, I have your hand and will not allow you to fall off my path.  You are on my Holy Road. You are walking in faith on my Holy Road. I have guard rails on each side to protect you. I hear that sometimes you are afraid, yet I am bigger than all those things. I AM YOUR GOD."
And, then I knew to read Isaiah 62. In Isaiah 62 there is a beautiful verse; "You'll be a stunning crown in the palm of God's hand, a jeweled solid cup held high in the hand of your God."
And further down I read, "Your Savior comes, Ready to do what he said he'd do, prepared to complete what he promised."
I like how God reassures me all the time in His Word. He directs me, He tells me to not be afraid, and He reminds me that I am in the palm of His hand, and it is there that I can dance, confess, love, and allow Him to fulfill His promise in me. I am a stunning crown for Jesus because this is His promise to me, He holds me in His Hands!
Jesus, Say That Again, You have Captured me In Your Hands so that I can be Free In You. Thank you for this gift.

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