Monday, February 20, 2012

The Rebel

I have the reputation for being a rebel. When Jesus came into my life, it felt good to me to know that I was a rebel, saved by grace, captured in His Hands. And, it has always been my desires to never rebel against the will and love of Jesus, but instead to rebel against sin and the ways of the world. As a rebel, I've praised God for the safe haven he has provided me in my husband, my home, my children. And, the Rock He has provided me in His love, His promises, His steadfastness and His faithfulness.
 The book I've referred to a couple times before, Beautiful Outlaw, describes Jesus as a Rebel. He does not conform to the world in any way. His standard compares to the Father alone, and nothing else. He does not worry about what others think, He speaks truth, He walks in truth, He lives truth.  His life is not about Himself, but about the Father. He loves others.  He is an Outlaw because He really does not keep all the rules, He simply loves. He does for others what their hearts need to have done. Some people do not approve.
I want to be this kind of rebel. I want to have a heart like Him. I want to go after love as if my life depends upon it. I want to rebel against the world in such a way that all I see is Jesus, my focus is to love others as He does. To praise Him always.
So, as I have thought more about this today, being a rebel. And, as I have considered who Jesus is, a rebel as well. It brings a smile to my face. It has been a tender thought to recognize His kindness to me in providing the safety of my husbands gentle arms, my children that love me, my friends that surround me. These are all precious gifts from a loving God.
So, yes, I am a rebel saint, saved by a Jesus that walked a rebel walk on earth! Say That Again, Jesus, live a life that rebels against sin, and walks in love.

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