Monday, February 20, 2012

The Journey

Yesterday was a planning day at Agape, we set dates for Spring and summer events. It was fun. We had lunch and the conversation was good. I enjoyed it because I saw concrete evidence again of how God is working at Agape. It wasn't that long ago that I prayed for Him to bring a team of women into my life, and now I am surrounded with lovely women that want to help.  I am amazed by the way God works, and how quickly He works.  When I am able to step out of the way,  it goes so well! It's exciting to know that He uses me and others to expand His territory and to plan events for Him! This is a journey God has invited me to go on with Him, and it is a day to day ride, an adventure. On this journey, He has asked me to look into my heart and open it deeper and deeper to Him. He has asked me to look into my past and give it over completely to Him, so that when others come to me, I will know how to help them. He has asked me to speak my story, write truth, continue to live in truth and reconciliation with others. He has asked me to face the wall and allow Him to tear it down.  This is an exciting journey, and a scary journey! 
Come join me! What is God asking you to do today? What is your journey?
Say That again, Dear Jesus, we are walking the journey together.

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