Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Hot Date

The first date I had with my husband was to a donut shop. We walked into the shop and he said to me, "You can have any donut you want!" This was impressive to me because I was not use to getting anything that I wanted, so to be offered such a deal was very attractive. Any donut that I wanted, and as many as I wanted too, oh, the choices! Our relationship only blossomed from there on out, and 8 months later we were married. Now, it's been almost 30 years.
 He took me on a date, and I'd have to say he is still a hot date! He told me that I could have whatever I wanted, as I browsed the menu. It was pretty nice. God has blessed me with a man that loves me deeply and has kept me in a place of safety and care. This is what I have needed. God told my husband years ago to take care of me, and that is exactly what he has done, he has done it well. He has obeyed God. Because he chose to obey God, I trust this man, and I feel loved. And, because he chose to obey God, I trust God and feel loved by God! Now, that is a hot date!
So, today I am thanking God for the man He has given me. He is a blessing to me and I love him very much. And, I know that Jesus would Say That Again to my husband, and to all the husbands, "take care of your wife, love her, guard her, protect her heart!"

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