Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Heavenly Presence

I am currently listening to a song by the Newsboys, "there is nothing like your presence, Lord, here we stand in awe!" This is how I felt this morning, as I went to God before His Throne again. Each time, I learn how awesome He is, His mercy overwhelms me, His grace overtakes me.
My prayer this morning, I will say, was completely for myself. I left my list for others behind this morning and I grabbed the feet of Jesus and I stayed there for a long time. I asked Him to bring to my heart and to my soul strength, understanding, Joy, wisdom, rest, revival, restoration, and revival. I feel like I need all of this every day so that I can further His Kingdom, His way. I asked for His presence to fall upon me, His arms to wrap me and to never leave me, not ever. His truth. I fell into silence, just to listen.
Every time I hear the voice of Jesus I am amazed. EVERY TIME. Little me, He is taking the time to speak to me, He loves me. He assures me that He will be my restoration, my understanding, my revival and my strength. He led me to Psalms 21.  In Psalms 21 David is talking about how God has done this very thing for him:
"You have given him his hearts desires, and You have not withheld the request
of his lips. You met him with the blessings of good things.
He asked life of you, You gave it to him
length of days forever and ever.
His glory is great through your Salvation
Splendor and majesty you place upon him
You make him Joyful with gladness in your presence"

All these verses spoke to me and answered my prayer, and my hearts desire. God continues to Say That Again to me over and over, every day. He continues to listen to my heart and meet me with blessings. I stand in His presence with awe, before His throne in total awe. I come before Him broken, and He completes me.
In His Heavenly Presence I will Say That Again--God you are my Revival, Restoration, Renewal, and Rest.

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