Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Journal Workshop

Yesterday I was blessed to spend the day with a lovely group of friends. We made journals, lots of journals. The journals are for Captured Freedom, the speaking ministry. We sat around the table at our ministry house, Agape Celebration, and we glued, cut, folded, and repeated, lots of paper! The best part, we engaged in each other's lives, we talked, we laughed, we joked around. It was a lot of fun.
I put a lot of glue on a lot of paper. Really, it's the job I trusted myself with the most. Others had the tricky job of centering paper on cardboard, and I knew that would not be a good job for my off-center brain, friends readily agreed. Others did some quick and fluent cutting with scissors, I thought it best that I stay away from the scissors, since I tend to randomly swing my arms and hands about. Others, folded paper, and I did try this job, but found that even though I did it well, I did it painfully slow. Yup, glue is my thing, I could make crazy designs on the cover, it didn't have to be in any particular order, I could change it up every time, and it didn't even have to be the same amount each time----perfect! Still, even with all this freedom, my friend next to me got after me a couple times over my glue methods!
God is an incredible God. All the personalities that He has made. Just in that room, there were so many women, so many talents, and with all of us together, so much fun! As I watched everyone, listened to everyone, it really amazed me to realized how far God has brought my heart. And, I felt so thankful to Him for bringing all of them into my life. When people show up, it feels like God is showing up, and His Spirit soars. Evidence of Him spills throughout the room, and life explodes.  I like how God gives me the opportunity to be in the lives of other women and to experience their way of doing things. I like being accepted for my silly ways, and accepting others.
Jesus, Say That Again to me! Because of the way You always show up in my life, and the way You always accept me, and love me, I am seeing You in others. I am learning to be like You. Jesus, Keep Saying That to Me, over and over again through my friends and family, and teach me to Say That Again to them!

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