Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Love

I left dishes in the sink this morning, in soapy water, and more dishes on the counter. I didn't have time to get them washed before the trek to school.
After dropping the kids off at school I came to Agape to work on some of our pesky packets, yes, we still have some. They all look so nicely organized on the counter that I wonder what my faithful friend will think when she returns and sees that I was "helping." She may decide that I am pesky!
I called a friend to check on her, wanting to make sure she was doing okay and to let her know that I love her.
Love, I've been thinking about the word, and the need we as people have for love. The need I have to be loved. It has occurred to me that the need is insatiable. And because it is insatiable, I spent many years building many walls.
If it weren't for God, all of them would still be there. Some of them still are.
I'm beginning to understand what God meant when He said to me that He wanted to penetrate my heart. He wants to break through the walls. He wants me to see them, and allow Him to tear them down. Brick by brick. He wants me to allow Him to love me more, and allow others to love me more, and allow myself to love!
He wants me to believe it can happen!
Here's the problem. As He knocks down the bricks, I pick up a new one and plop it on the wall. I leave bricks randomly laying all over the place, just like the dishes. And, I find them throughout the pathways of my brain, pesky bricks! Faithful friends and family come along to "help" me, but I randomly toss bricks their way too! Yet, I, just like everyone else long to be loved.
The Love, deep unconditional love. The kind of love Jesus has for me.  This is the way He has asked me to love others, but do I? Is this the way I love myself? Love others as you love yourself. hmm, possibly a good place to start. The Love of myself would include grace, mercy, forgiveness, etc  all that Jesus gives to me.  And, in turn all that I want to give to others and want others to give to me. Acceptance. I want to be accepted, loved, just as He accepts me and loves me. I want Him to work through me so I can remove the pesky bricks--all of them!
Jesus, Say That Again, You love me unconditionally. You want to penetrate Your love through my heart so that I can serve You more fully!

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