Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Dishes

Our dishwasher is broken. The counter is full of dirty dishes. Last weekend a friend was here and she washed the dishes for me, it was very thoughtful. I wash the dishes, too and so does my husband. The kids wash them as well. But, this week, not a single dish has been washed. I've filled the sink with hot sudsy water, put the dishes in the water, and walked away. The dishes are still on the counter, building up. I wish I had a dishwasher. I have chosen to sleep instead of wash dishes this week. Or, a couple times I chose to cuddle with my son, or read to my daughter. We still have clean dishes in the cupboard so it's not crucial to wash the dirty ones! I am learning that there are some things that are crucial. Love, relationship, time with the ones I love. The dishes? I'll get to them.
I often ask myself what it would look like if Jesus came to visit. He would come in our house and I'm sure He would want to engage in a rousing game of basket ball. We have a hoop in our foyer. He would write something engaging on the walls in my children's bedrooms.  And, He would sit with us in the family room around the fire, eat pizza, and talk. I don't think the dishes would be high on His list either. He would want to know about our day, and our hearts. He would love. This is what I want.
Jesus, Say That Again, without love life is meaningless. Show me how to love.

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  1. Love that image of Jesus coming to visit and hanging out with us


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