Saturday, April 2, 2011

Where Did the Years Go?

Twenty eight years of marriage, five kids,daughter in laws, grand child, a business, challenges, struggles, joys, successes, hope, despair, running, controlling, pursuing, losing, gaining and surrendering.  Each day has offered me something since I left high school, sometimes I took the offer of life, some days, I just didn't. I've learned that God was there to see me through it all. He has blessed my marriage, blessed my children, blessed my life. In high school, I said little, I did little.  I just survived each day. I didn't believe, in anything. That was 30 years ago, things have changed considerably.  I see now that God was in the picture all along, encouraging me, loving me, setting the path for me. It's an incredible story, really.
Everyone has an incredible story, a song actually. When the time comes that I am standing before His throne, I will see the song fully.  All the places that He stood when I couldn't.  All the times that He spoke, when I couldn't.  All the love and grace that He dealt out to me, when I felt hopeless. All the times He pursued me when I was running away.
As I looked around the room today at my classmates, I really wanted to know their songs of life. How has God touched them? Who is feeling hopeless? Who is feeling joy? Do they know where life is taking them? And, are they disappointed with where they are now?
It's been 30 years! How many dreams came true, how many were crushed? Who had dreams, who had none? 30 years! Where did the years go?
As God looks over the years, is His testimony of me pure and good? Can He look at me now and say "Good job, faithful servant?" Can He look at me and know that I will continue on His journey, the path He has laid out for me?
Today, I testify to my God that He is good all the time! I stand here, in this place, 30 years later and know that My God has turned all things for good. He knows the plan, and all that lies in my future will testify also of His goodness.  He will be the strength that pushes me through, the life that breathes on me.  It will be Him, not me that shines.
There's more years to come, I hope.  What will it be like 30 years from now? What will He testify then?
Say That Again, class of '81! Who is Your God and what is His testimony of YOU!

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