Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Mighty

Every day I face a challenge.  It's either the challenge of relationship, or self, or patience, or love.  It's just there; it's part of life. Where can I go to accomplish life in a godly way? How can I be a mighty warrior?  How can I be sure that the way I am living is selfless and mighty in God's sight? These are some of the questions I ask myself, daily.
It is through The Might of Jesus!  I was directed to Malachi this morning. Chapter 2, hmm, interesting chapter in the Bible. It talks about the responsibility of God's leaders. That would be me, and you.  We are all leaders in some way, if we are followers of Jesus.
We are of His royal Priesthood, I am His priest, given a task to disciple others, be there in relationship with them. In Malachi, not everyone was doing that so well. And, God was not too pleased!
He is saying that because they did not do what they said they were going to do, there would not be blessings for them. God wants me to keep my word? Do I, always?  Is my heart consistently devoted to doing what I say I will do? To speaking truth, revealing His character?
Jesus, I need to you to Say That all to me Again. I need to have your strength and your grace to be Mighty IN you. You are The Mighty One, you always do as you say you will do.  For this I am so very thankful!

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  1. Yes don't we all need Him to strengthen us...good word today, thanks for sharing. I need the Mighty One.


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