Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Wait

My mornings are usually very busy as soon as my children wake up. They want breakfast, they want to play, they want to know what's going to happen that day.  To add to the busy, the dogs are running around everywhere, wanting out, wanting in, wanting food. It can be chaotic sometimes. I here myself saying to all of them "wait" I only have two hands and I cannot do everything at once!
This morning, the realization came to me in a little more finality, that God is saying the same thing to me. "Wait on me." He is leading, He is working on hearts, He is the One in control.  I want relationships to progress and I want everything to be better, He just wants me to wait for HIS timing.  He has work to do, work on me, work on others, and it takes time.
He wants to lead the process, and I need to continually surrender it to HIM.  He led me to Romans 3 this morning and it's all about letting Him set things right. It's about HIM. I need to keep my focus solely on Him, and not worry about what is going on elsewhere.  It is only the opinion of God that matters here, and if I am right with Him, it's all good.
God has set so many things right with my life, and I see Him daily doing that. His work is very evident, and I am blessed. So, today, I will believe that His good work will continue in me, and in others.  I will believe in His plan of renewal, revival, reconciliation.  I will give it all to Him and follow His lead .
Say That Again to me Jesus, I will need to hear it often today.  As I step forward IN you, gently prod my heart of Your will, and Your leading. 

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