Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Extended

Earlier today when I talked with my brother, I felt so sad that he is struggling. It was sad to me that there is disagreement in his household, and our family. I love him, I want his life to be okay. He has always been such a great brother to me and I grew up admiring him. I still do. I love him.
I don't like the conflict. Conflict with me and him. Conflict with my extended family. It's actually not even conflict, it's secrets amongst them. It's wrong doing amongst them. It's disagreement. It makes me want to go the other way. The way of openness, trust, and right doing.
So, I'm blogging again, because it's been on my mind so much. He is on my mind. And, I need Jesus to lead me in the direction that is best for relationship, love, trust, and unity. I think I'd rather go the other way, right now, but that wouldn't be good either.
Jesus, You are the only one that knows how to deal with this stuff. You know how to deal with stress, with secrets, with disagreement. Show me too. Bring the extended into Your arms, Your loving arms.
Say That Again, Jesus, Your arms are open, ready, willing, and there to hold me, and all those I love.

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  1. confrontations and conflicts in families can be so hard. I will uplift your family right now that things will work out.

    God bless you sweetie.


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