Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Wedding

The Royal Wedding was a big event in London. All the people, all the fashion, all the crazy hats!! The gorgeous bride, the lacy dress, the handsome Prince. I was not one of the people that got up to watch The Wedding, but I did see clips and pictures the next day.
I enjoy weddings, we've had three of them in our household. Our first son had a beautiful wedding at the top of a hill, overlooking the lake. His bride was beautiful, excited, and energized. It was the perfect day in June, not too hot, not too cold, and no rain! It was a wonderful celebration. As parents, we were thrilled and happy for them.
Our second son, was also married outside. He and his bride decorated our yard with round tables and chairs, they hung lights from the trees, and wrapped the deck in netting and flowers. It looked magical. They had a very large wedding party, and everyone, except the bride, danced down the aisle. Our son, burst through the door, danced down the aisle, eager to meet his princess bride. It was a party all the way. It was a great day!
Our third son, married the love of his life in private. They whisked away, said their vows, and began life together. It was in the Fall, and they began life together full of expectations, hopes, and dreams.
In just a few short years, we gained three daughters!
Weddings...I am looking forward to the wedding feast with Jesus. I am His Bride, eager, energized, expectant. I am waiting for His coming too, His dance with me. I am clothed in His light, protected from my enemy, because my bride groom has made plans for me that are good.
We, the church, await the day of feast. Together, we can dance IN His presence and know who He is, and who we are. He has transported each one of us, transported me, into His heavenly realm, right now. Clothed in His righteousness, His robe of Splendor.
Hooray for the weddings! Yippee for the Celebrations! Glory to the Bride Groom!
Say That Again, Lord Jesus, take my hand today, and lead me in Your dance of celebration!

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  1. You should write a devotional book ... shelly


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