Friday, April 22, 2011

The Weather

We have snow at our house. When I drove home last night it was a true, real life blizzard. It was just like Christmas, but, it's not winter anymore. It's Easter! How am I going to wear my white sandals? Being cold is not at the top of my list of favorite things, I prefer hot, hot weather.
Obviously, I cannot control the weather, or anything else for that matter. So, I'm working at looking for the beauty in the snow today. And, I'm staying home for most of the day, in the warmth of my house. My wish is to be in Hawaii, but that's not going to happen. So, I'll bask in the warmth of Jesus.
My husband looked up the forecast for tomorrow and Easter, it's suppose to be sunny and warm. If one considers in the 60's warm! It's far better than the 30's, right?
This evening, I have a meeting, and I am asking that Jesus will calm the storm within me. I'm praying for His warmth and comfort to reside within the room and His Spirit to fill me with power and with His words. I'm praying for His wisdom and His love.
Jesus, I am on a journey through life with You. I know it gets cold and stormy. I also know, that You are joy, calm, peace, and wisdom. I know that Your Spirit is deeply rooted within me, and all things work together for good. Your good.
Say That Again, Lord Jesus. "Put on your sandals, Bethany, and walk in my steps. I will lead you!"

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