Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Walls

It was a good day. I had a little more energy today and that was a blessing.
I made lots of good food for a great group of people tonight, and I felt blessed to be with them.
Earlier in my day, I hit someone's wall, and it hurt.  I find it interesting that the walls we, as humans, put up around ourselves to protect our hearts, are the same walls that hurt others.  My walls do not help others feel better, they hurt.
My wall of fear moves me away from relationship.
My wall of distrust moves me away from trust and loving others.
My wall of being seen, sends me running in the other direction.
My wall of wanting to be comfortable, but often feeling uncomfortable keeps me from stretching and growing. It might even cause me to leave a situation because I'm not willing to put in the effort to get comfortable.
Wall, walls, walls---why do I have them, when I don't even want them?
How can I break them down?
Jesus does not have walls. He is open, transparent, loving, trusting, ready to go anywhere with me.  He draws me to intimacy, He pulls away at my walls, all the time.
He has dissolved many of my walls, brick by brick.  He has shown me what it is like to live without so many, freedom! He has given me compassion for others that live within so many walls.
I didn't think the walls would ever leave, but Jesus does the impossible, and so I am waiting and watching to see how much more He will do.  Not just in me, but in others. The walls of others, that prevent me from seeing them or being with them, or even loving them fully.
Without the walls, there is freedom in friendship. There is acceptance. There is peace.
Jesus, I do not want to build any new walls, even though I have been hurt and rejected and in pain.  Jesus, take away any bricks I may try to use to start the walls again. Cover me, Jesus, in YOU, and protect me from the walls.
Say That Again, remind me.

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  1. good solid post....we all have those walls and for a short time they have served their pupose....little by little...if we work hard and fall into the grace of the Divine...then brick by brick we get back to our original core...thanks


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