Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Snow

Okay, I have to ask: Is someone out there praying for snow? Seriously, can you stop? It's April 7 and we are suppose to have lovely tulips and daffodils by now, but no, we have snow.  An entire blanket of white, beautiful, snow, and it's everywhere! Here at my house, we are covered.  And, as lovely as it is, I don't want to see snow anymore. I'm thinking summer here.  Hot, sunny, long days.  Biking in the park, picnics, swimming in the lake.  Barbecues, coffee on the porch, walks that last forever....Not Snow!
So, today I'm going to hunt for the lovely little flowers that peek out of the snow, the ones that give me hope of Spring time, sun, a little warmth.  That will be fun.
Isn't it just like life? I can be musing along, doing great and then one day it snows. I feel wet, cold, blah. And, I have to ask for the Spring and Summer sun to soak me up, give me warmth.  The Son of God covers me, and I find hope.
I'm pleased with the day, even with the STILL resiliant flu hanging on and the snow, the cold.  I'm pleased to be who I am IN Jesus today. Pleased that I have loving friends and family.  Pleased that life is full.  I'm praying for eyes to see His way, for understanding, for love, and for reconciliation. I need all of that to be bigger in my life today.  I'm praying for wisdom, His Fruit and the power of His Spirit.
I'm not praying for Snow!
Say That Again Jesus, You allow the snow and the sun in my life for growth.  I am here to do everything Your way. It's all about You, dear Lord!

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  1. I most definitely agree, this snow and cold has to go away. I think in 20-30 years most of the world will be cold year round :/ thats what it feels like starting to happen each year.


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