Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Taco

So, my friend and I went for a walk last evening and came upon a lovely little restaurant overlooking a lake. There was a trellis there with climbing roses and a beautiful tree with  blossoms.  Ah, the perfect place for dinner. We went in, sat down, looked at the menu, and everything was causing our mouths to water. They offered a wide range of foods from macaroni and cheese, steak and fish tacos!
I had never eaten fish taco's before, so I decided that I give them a try.  My friend had steak, my usual favorite. It was a  delicious experience. The taco's came out on an appealing plate, three of them! The first bite was mingled with cajun spices, cod, tomatoes, and other delights I know nothing about!
We ate, we talked, we commented often on the scenery.  We had a great time. And, then it was time to pay and I discovered I didn't have my wallet. I had left it back in our room!
My friend, being as gracious as she is, took the bill and paid for it. Grace. I wasn't going to have to wash all the dishes, after all!
This brings me to how very often we need grace in our lives. I need grace. I need it all the time.
In the training yesterday, Micheal said this: "When my soul tried to express itself, something distorted came out." Oh, so very true. So many times my soul has tried to express itself and only distortion spewed out. That is when I have needed grace from others and grace from God.
Jesus, please, put grace in my life, so I live it. Make me a person of Your Grace every single day. Say That Again, Jesus, your grace covers my distortion!

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