Sunday, April 3, 2011


We had dinner last night with my classmates. It was very nice. Sadly, my voice left me part way through the dinner. Gone, nothing. I started to feel sick, and being at a restaurant was no longer fun. It took me a little while to make the rounds of goodbyes.
It's been a good weekend, not we are on our way home. The drive is looking in our face, and this time I'm not looking forward to diving home, sick. But, I will look back on the weekend fondly. I got to see my old high school roommate, my college roommate, and lots of other people. It amazes me how so many people can change, and a few don't change at all. The lines of age are beginning to etch themselves in most every face, and the challenges of life show up in our eyes. Many are seeing the value of life lies in Jesus and in relationships with each other. The drive to be the best has subsided, and the hope to not be alone has grown.
The reality of age has set in, and we are in a place of examination.
I'm living a joyous life, even in the trials. I'm one of the ones that has changed. God has changed me, He is big in my life, leading me. The realities of this life are not forever, because I am an eternal being IN Him. It's good to know this, because it gets me through days like today.
So, Jesus, I am saying "ugh" today. But, You are not. You are here to carry me, love me, and change me more. Say That Again, I want to hear You clearly today.

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