Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Birthday

Today is my daughter's birthday. She is six years old. She has been waiting for this day, since her fifth birthday. I think she has talked about it, planned it, and imagined it everyday since last year! She wanted to have dinner at her favorite Italian restaurant, which we did. And, she had her dad take pictures of all the gifts she wanted us to buy, so we wouldn't forget. She's been planning her cake, which we ordered today, because she's having her party tomorrow at the skating rink. Oh the joy and the anticipation of birthdays! As a child they are the highlight of the year, right along with Christmas. Why does a child think that growing up is going to be so cool? Getting older, to them means more freedom, less rules. They are unable to see the responsibilities that come along with growing up.
The stuff like paying the bills, and going to work every day. The responsibility of making dinner, cleaning the house, and feeding the dog. As adults, we know the list is never ending, as a child, they have no idea.
My daughter trusts that it will be good. She sees my life, and she wants the same. She's in love with her daddy, and she wants to be someone's princess some day. She just believes that life will be good, because it is good. She has been loved, protected, cherished and celebrated.
This is how I want to look at my future. I am loved, protected, cherished and celebrated by Jesus. He is preparing a place for me to live, someday that outshines this place here on earth. He is excited about the fact that I will live there. His Spirit is IN me, growing me up to an ever increasing place of strength, integrity, responsibility,and truth in Him. I'm excited about this, and I'm anticipating how much more I can live in His Glory, as each day comes to me. I am trusting that His will prevails all the time, and He is good, all the time.
As I move through this day, feeling tired and still not totally up to par, I'm going to anticipate heaven. It will be better there on every level. I won't get sick. My friends will be loyal. And, best of all, I will be able to sit at the feet of Jesus, go for walks with Him, SEE Him whenever I want. It'll be like a birthday everyday of the year!
Say That Again, Jesus, You are loving, protecting, cherishing, and celebrating me today. And, I am praising You for being so good all the time.

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