Monday, April 4, 2011

The Flu

So, I still have the flu. The achy, stuffy, fever, not feeling so well kind of flu. It certainly puts a damper on my day, and is forcing me to slow down and stay down. As I talked to God this morning, I asked for His healing hand to be upon me. He told me to go back to bed, and I'd get better in due time!
I think this is a test of patience. Nobody likes having the flu, and I confess, I'm a baby. It feels bad, I want it to go away, I'm just not happy.  To add to my flu day; it's snowing.  What? It's April! And, it's snowing? The weather has some ailments as well, and needs to go through some major transformations.
So, as I stay home today and drink a lot of water, I will continue to pray for God to speed up my recovery.  I will pray for patience. I will rest in my bed and IN Him. He will bring Spring, He always does.
Say That Again, Jesus, Spring is just around the corner!

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