Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Truck Ride

Fur Ball went in the truck with me last Monday. I put Stinky Dogs bed in the back of the truck and then Fur Ball sat on the bed and we went for a ride. He seemed to think it was okay.  So, today, I put Stinky Dogs bed in the back again and Fur Ball on top of the bed and drove to our ministry house, all went well. I introduced him to the kitchen, the living room and then to my office with the old flowered couch. He was especially fond of the couch, and helped himself to the cushions for a nice long nap. He seems to be adjusting to the pampered lifestyle rather quickly.
After a good snooze, I carried him down our steep stairs and ushered him into the yard. He sat down and stared at me, as I coaxed him to potty. If I could read Fur Balls mind, I think he might be saying "she sure is silly, and entertaining, this must be the part where I am suppose to pretend like I am interested!"
He did finally get up and casually potty, maybe he thought I didn't notice. I snatched him up and proceeded to put him in the back of the truck on Stinky Dogs bed. But, he began to protest and made great efforts to escape. He clearly was not interested in staying in the back on Stinky Dogs bed! He was ready to progress to the front of the truck, next to me! I spread a blanket on the front seat and sat him upright in the passenger seat. He sat there proudly, just like Stinky Dog use to do. I told him he was a good boy and off we went. He seemed rather impressed with himself and for awhile he looked out the window and watched the cars go by, but then he tired of it all and laid down to take another nap.
This brings me to my need to sit next to Jesus! I need Him to be in the drivers seat, and like Fur Ball, I want to be right up next to Him riding along. I want Him to steer the way, lead me, take me, and show me what's going on. Without Him, it's just not going to work. Just like with Fur Ball, without me, he's not going anywhere.
Jesus, Say That Again, You are the driver here, I am the passenger. Speak to me, I will listen! Take me with you.

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