Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Hair Cut

So, Fur Ball got his hair cut. My husband insisted that he couldn't see anything and decided he must be completly miserable. We cut his bangs, now not only can he see, but we can see his eyes! Fur Ball was not impressed with the addition of hair cuts to our spa. He tried very hard to wiggle out of the deal and it took both my husband and my son to hold onto him while I used a rather dull pair of scissors to snip away at his bangs. I just have this feeling he was thinking this: "You said this was going to be a no hair cut house!!" While we had him in the bathroom nicely secure in the arms of my son and husband and scissors in my hand, I decided it would be a good idea to cut some hair off the other end so as to prevent more poop balls from forming in the future. This too did not make Fur Ball happy in the least, he was slightly embarrassed, I do believe.
But, now that the trauma of the scissors is over and he has experienced sight and poop ball free days, he is pretty happy. In fact, he is doing better everyday.  Yesterday, he went on his longest walk ever and saw his reflection in a window for the first time. He considered himself very interesting, and couldn't stop looking. He also saw a man on a bike and stopped to consider the situation for a long time. When we encountered the cement truck, it was a little more than he could handle and he stopped dead in his tracks! It was a big Fur Ball adventure, and by the time we made it home he was ready for a nap, and wished for longer hair over his eyes for he had seen way too much!
I know exactly how he feels. There are days that I want to dig a hole and jump in head first. If I can't see it; it's not there! But, that doesn't exactly match up with my prayer of speaking and searching and knowing truth, does it?
So, Jesus, keep the hair out of my eyes, and I will abide in You. Say That Again, Lord Jesus,  You are here to open my eyes!

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