Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Fishing Day

The warm weather has finally come and we have been able to go to the lake and fish. It's very relaxing.  We spent some time at the lake yesterday, and both my son and daughter had their poles in the lake.  My husband and I had our chairs on the dock and enjoyed watching them. The sun was warm. The kids were excited. The fish were not biting. 
An older couple came up in their boat and my husband helped them tie up on the dock. The gentleman threw my son a fish. My son was thrilled! He went to task right away with my husbands pocket knife. My daughter stood watch, diligently speaking her opinion as my son cut the fish open. "That must be the fish brain, and that must be his heart, and I bet that is his poop..."  She, of course held nothing back. My son, did all the scooping and could hardly wait to get home and grill his fish on our barbecue. His sister, on the other hand had no interest in grilling his fish.
It was another one of those simple days with simple pleasures. And, as I watched my two children delight in the joy of fishing and the curiosity of a fish, I was thankful.  It reminded me of Jesus and all the time He spent with fishermen, and His love for fishermen. I thought of the story of Jesus on the beach cooking fish for His friends for breakfast and His desire to have fellowship with them. It was simple, friendly, loving, inviting, accepting, helpful, kind, and true. That's who Jesus is, and that is who I follow. He brings a certain lightness even to the complicated. When His disciples couldn't catch anything, and life seemed exhausting and complicated to them, He simply said, "cast your net on the other side of your boat." When they did they caught numerous fish! It was simple!
Jesus, Say That Again, You desire me, and all Your children to fellowship with You, in simplicity, truth, and love. Thank you for this gift.

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