Monday, May 7, 2012

The Peace

Someone read to me from their devotional again today and I found it to be a true blessing.  The opening statement was this: "If you learn to trust me with your whole being, then nothing can separate you from My Peace." It went on to say that all things can be put to use in a good way, to be used in a way to learn how to trust Jesus, and to obtain peace in Him.  "Fear no evil."  In all situations, God can bring good.
I have thought about this a lot lately, and realized that even while feeling fearful, there can be a deep sense of peace. That in the midst of turmoil and questions, I can know peace. It is His promise to me, and to all His children.
He has continually asked me to focus on Him, when I listen for His voice, I hear Him say: "focus on me." I am seeing that the more I am able to focus on Him, the more I am able to remain calm in adversity. The more I can see that He has been there, He will stay, He never left. Sometimes, when life has felt evil, it is hard to see that He was there, but His promises are true. He takes all things and turns them into good for those that love Him. He gives me peace and truth, because He is sovereign and He walks before me.
Jesus, Say That Again, You are peace, truth, light, love, hope, and nothing can separate me from You.

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